The Churches of God and True Holiness organization was established by the late Bishop John Wesley Garlington, Sr. in December 1927.  Bishop Garlington was a great leader, organizer, and revivalist who had a vision to organize a fellowship that would win souls to Christ, promote the doctrine of the Apostles, and empower to live a lifestyle of Holiness.

The headquarters for the Churches of God and True Holiness was first located in Buffalo, New York.  Soon after the start of the organization, churches were set up in Virginia- Norfolk, Waverly, and Fredericksburg; in New York- Rochester and New York City; in North Carolina- Goldsboro, Wilmington, and Beulaville; in Ohio- Cleveland and Cincinnati; in Florida- Winterhaven, in Delaware- Milford, and in South Carolina- Sumter.

Bishop Garlington led this organization until his death in 1943.  Then Bishop Thomas Benton of Norfolk, Virginia became the presiding Bishop.  Bishop Benton relinquished his pastorate role at the Norfolk church to Elder William B. Church and moved to Buffalo to oversee the organization.  After Bishop Bentonís death in 1958, Bishop Frank Jackson of Winterhaven, Florida took over as presiding Bishop.

In 1961, Bishop Joseph Peeler of Buffalo, New York was appointed the presiding Bishop after certain doctrinal issues were resolved.  After the death of Bishop Peeler in 1964, Bishop John Kennon was appointed to the office of presiding Bishop.  Bishop Kennon later relinquished the position in 1968 to Bishop John W. Garlington, Jr. and Bishop Robert Carr was appointed the Vice-Bishop, and Elder Raymond Worrell became the Executive Secretary.

Due to a fire at the headquarters church in Buffalo, the 47thHoly Convocation in 174 was held at the church in Rochester, New York where the host pastor was Elder Paul Garlington.  In 1975, Bishop John Garlington, Jr. resigned and Bishop Frank Jackson became the new presiding Bishop for the organization.  The national headquarters was relocated to the church in Cleveland, Ohio.  At that time, Elder Albert E. Dixon, Sr. was the pastor of the church in Cleveland and the national evangelist of the Churches of God and True Holiness.     

After the death of Bishop Jackson in 1978, Bishop Albert E. Dixon, Sr. was appointed the presiding bishop.  In June 1996, Bishop Dixon and Bishop Raymond Worrell were both consecrated as Apostles.  Bishop Dixon has been the presiding Prelate for the Churches of God and True Holiness for over thirty years.  Today, this organization has churches in six states and two countries.  Through the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, many great men and women of faith have held this organization together for over eighty years and the best is yet to come.    


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